Cheap Diver can be used while boat is at the dock or out on the race course.  In
less than ten minutes--while you're waiting for crew to arrive, while rigging the boat,
or during downtime between races--you can buff your bottom clean.  Caution
must be used on boats with zincs, propellers, and other hull mounted accessories or
soft, sloughing bottom paints.

First, unfurl Cheap Diver, grab the ends and let it sink "in front" of the bow, with
one end on each side of the boat.  Using a long pulling motion, floss the boat
bottom working side to side and back toward the keel.  Although it is possible, it is
recommended not to "try it yourself"; it is easiest done with two people, with one
or both people on board the boat or on the dock.

In order to clean the leading edge of the keel, continue to work the Cheap Diver
from side to side aft of the keel toward the back of the boat.  This will require long
strokes and may require each person to pull from the very ends, low to the toe
rail.  With each pull the Cheap Diver will work down the front of the keel and
eventually will "pop off" on the backside of the keel.

The hull behind the keel can be cleaned using long pulling motions side to side, to
the extent the propeller, rudder, and any other hull mounted accessories allow.

Once the Cheap Diver is behind the keel, hold one end low on the port side of the
hull aft of the keel and have the person on starboard walk forward, around the bow
to the port side, in order to clean the starboard side of the keel.  Continue flossing
as the end is walked around in order to get the area at the top of the keel where it
meets the hull.  Once both ends are on the port side, one person holding both
ends  can floss the starboard side of the keel, moving forward and aft, with the
Cheap Diver working down the leading edge of the keel and coming off as you
work aft.

Work the Cheap Diver from the bow, down the keel and behind it again, this time
holding the end on the starboard side, and walk the other end around the bow in
order to clean the port side of the keel.

Each hull will have different areas that are difficult to clean--we recommend you
Cheap Diver the boat just prior to any hoisting in order to confirm those areas
where your "flossing technique" may need subtle improvement.  Or quickly dive on
the boat, if the water is warm enough!

To store, rinse with fresh water and swing around or dry on the life line or halyard.  
Store in the mesh bag provided to prevent fouling with lines.  Cheap Diver is quick
drying and light weight by design.

We recommend use prior to racing--daily for multiple day regattas in salt or fresh
water where boats must stay in the water overnight.
Your bottom is working for you 100% of the time -- make sure it is clean!